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Too Much Jazz For You

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I was compiling a looong mix of looong jazz tracks, and thought I'd see what was out here already; no surprise that it's you! And I'm so glad it is - what an amazing selection you have here!

I do get around! And I've done a number of long-playing, and short-playing mixes of various types. Glad you stumbled on this one and enjoyed it! I'll keep an eye out for yours in my feed. =) As far as the Oscar Peterson issue goes, I'd say probably. The track I used is from "Confirmation: Best of the Verve Years" and I borrowed it from the library about 15 years ago and ripped it, so I don't have access to the credits. But assuming it's the same track pulled from "Jam Session" which was on Verve, then the line-up is as follows:
Charlie Parker (alto sax), Charlie Shavers (trumpet), Benny Carter (alto sax), Johnny Hodges (alto sax), Ben Webster (tenor sax), Oscar Peterson (piano), Barney Kessel (guitar), Ray Brown (bass),
Flip Phillips (tenor sax), J.C. Heard (drums). I had to look that up, of course!

all those names! all those saxophones! Thanks so much for that info - I managed to find a copy, and have put it to good use.

:) Thanks! I hope it provides a suitable soundtrack/distraction for your working day. This mix was supposed to be the following mix, but I guess that feature is broken. Again.

That Coltrane/Dolphy Favorite Things recording really is a perfect capper-offer. Love the lo-fi recording quality and the energy of the piece. And looking at your picture I'd say you truly are a space bunny. Do you travel the galaxy in search of cosmic lettuce?