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Typical Army Fuck Up


Col. Horace Glover: [on a secure military line] Sir, this is Colonel Glover. I'm sorry to disturb you at this hour, sir, but we're at Q-2 status. It looks like we've found that lost consignment of Easter eggs. Yes, sir, pretty sure. They've turned up in Louisville. I'm getting confirmations on this from the Louisville Police Department. Louisville, Kentucky, sir.


Col. Horace Glover: Well, sir, it would be good news, except that the eggs have hatched...

20 tracks. [TRT: 1:01:27]

20 tracks
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An alternate soundtrack to one of the greatest pieces of cinematic art ever created,* Return of the Living Dead! / *This statement has been evaluated and approved by all relevant parties. You can disagree of course, but you would be laughably wrong. / Artwork: Return of the Living Dead by Max Alan Fuchs (deviantART)