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Violent Hearts, Body Bags & Dangerous Sexual Congress

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bro i'm sitting at my desk at the photo studio where i work, doing liquifying sorcery on a poor model's face and body, and i could not possibly have a better soundtrack. thank you for giving me this moment and adding grace at the worst part of my job.

Oh man. Check it out if you can! It's an unofficial sequel to Lynch's "Wild At Heart" made by Spanish director, Alex de la Iglesia. It stars Javier Bardem and Rosie Perez (like you have NEVER seen her) as a sociopathic couple whose main interests are f***ing and killing, and it's comically dark and twisted. I highly recommend it! In the U.S., there's an R-Rated and an Unrated cut. Make sure you see the Unrated one if you seek it out! Though the Unrated cut is still shorter than the original Spanish version (which I have not seen).