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Way Down in the Hole


Not all strangers are friendly. Not all roads should be followed. Not all choices are your own. 15 tracks for your descent, including music by Tom Waits, Junior Kimbrough and Wire. [TRT: 1:09:54]

15 tracks
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You have good eyes sir! During the cutting down process of this mix, I used 3 things as inspiration: Tourist Trap, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre & the James Ellroy novel "Killer On the Road."

Mix well-done. Man, Tourist Trap is so underrated, it's criminal. I watched it back in the Movie Channel days at least a dozen times. Funny, haunting, downright bizarre. TCM is still vicious, and the Ellroy novel I'll look into.

Criminal indeed! Killer On the Road is a pretty dark first-person serial killer novel I think is really well done (even if some parts are a bit far-fetched). Ever see "Barn of the Naked Dead" (AKA "Nightmare Circus")? If you haven't, you *might* find it worthwhile. It's another car-trouble-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-movie from the 70's, though way more second-tier (or even third-tier) than TCM or TT. The director and co-writer (the now respected Alan Rudolph) used a pseudonym and the lead actor allegedly said it was the only film he regretted making. It has a a lot of good ideas though, even if its Rotten Tomato score is a lowly 20%. :p

Wow, Alan Rudolph!? I had no idea he started out with a midnight cheapie. Will look into it. With a title like that, BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD, I wonder how this one slipped me by. Another good 'dark first person serial killer novel' is 'The Minus Man', and of course, Jim Thompson's 'Killer Inside Me'.

Yep! Alan Rudolph! He started out by making 2 low budget films, Premonition (a hippie LSD movie which I have never seen) and BOTND, both of which he disowned. =) And thanks for the recommendations. I will have to check out The Minus Man. Already read (and love) Killer Inside Me, and pretty much all Jim Thompson books I've read. He's one of my favorites!

Actually reading the Thompson bio written by Robert Polito. Massive! I think his trio of novels, Getaway, Savage Night and Hell of a Woman transcend the genre into true nightmarish hells. Him and Goodis were the kings then. Hope Minus Man holds up well.

I haven't gotten around to reading any Goodis. I have Cassidy's Girl, but there just isn't enough time in the day to read/watch/listen to everything I want, and I have tons of unread books, and stacks of unwatched DVDs. =) Someday I'll get around to it!

Finished The Minus Man a few days ago, and it was pretty fantastic! It's creepy to me how easy he is to identify with. Thanks for the recommendation!

I'm with you on that one. Won't be taking sips on any stranger's flask anytime soon. BTW, your new profile pic - is that master Steve Ditko?

Won't be leaving my soda unattended at a fast food restaurant to get napkins or anything either! And I wanna say the new pic is Jack Kirby, but I could be wrong. And I don't remember where I found it online.