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Extraordinary Machine


"Mathematical reasoning may be regarded rather schematically as the exercise of a combination of two facilities, which we may call intuition and ingenuity."
-Alan Turing

A mix for Hermann Gottlieb featuring Fleet Foxes, Pacific Ocean Fire, The Shins, and others.

17 tracks
4 comments on Extraordinary Machine

this mix is so.... much of what pulls at my heart. and on top of the GREAT songs youve got the avett brothers, i NEVER see them except in a small handful of mixes. this is such a good mix, thank you for making it.

@luccadevereux Thank you so much; I'm glad you enjoy it and that it resonates with you. This was probably the most personal mix I've made so it's always nice to hear that people are digging it.

This is so great. I will have to listen to it again, because I don't think I was paying enough attention the first time around. Tracks 12-15 slew me with how perfect they were. Nice job. :)

@SouvenirsFamiliers Thank you for the lovely comment! I was super nervous about this mix; it ended up being more personal than I thought it would be. Track 15, before shuffling of course, was the first track that I added when making the mix, so I'm glad you really liked that one. =)