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Memories of December


An ode to the feeling of hit and miss one often feels in the month of December.

Some classic, some love song, some sing song classic, some Fleetwood Mac, hard rock, indie rock and the great Andrew Bird to start things.

9 tracks
2 comments on Memories of December

Love this playlist! Your musical tastes are very similar to mine..but not so much alike that I've already heard everything anyway. Only "complaint" with this makes me kind of melancholy. But that's just me, and besides, sometimes one likes to feel a little melancholy.. : ) : (

@EvergloamFox Its 9AM where I am your comment was the first thing to happen to me this morning. Thanks for that. My personal favourite list from the ones I've made must be 21 Electric Street. I do post a lot of melancholy stuff but in 3+ years since I posted this, that has kind of gone down? Please stick around, love and thank you once again for following me.