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do you know what wolves do to dogs


he wants to tell her. but the little bird-turned-wolf is too busy chirping to listen.

  • When You Were Young by The Killers
    and he doesn't look a thing like jesus
  • 02 SURE AS HELL NOT JESUS (MP3) by ryankingsbury
    you're sure as hell not jesus but you're saving me, thank you very much for putting faith in me
  • k by The Bravery - Hatef
    i will show no mercy for you, you have no mercy for me
  • Drumming Song (Live From Abbey Road) by FloMachineLovers
    there's a drumming noise inside my head and it starts when you're around
  • Monster by Imagine Dragons
    if i told you what i was, would you turn your back on me?
  • Nicotine by Panic! At The Disco
    i taste you on my lips and i can't get rid of you
  • Out Of My League by Fitz And The Tantrums
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