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Malora Fanmix


I love these songs and I think they work very well for Malora. (some are love/angsty) The first few are from Malle's POV and the rest are from Aurora's. Besides a few exceptions.(At least thats how I see it.)

I hope these give you lots of feels!

  • The Only Exception by Paramore
  • Kiss Me by mattshealys
  • 04 Spiritual (Acoustic) by PRISM ACOUSTIC
  • your guardian angel (the red jumpsuit apparatus cover) by Fiersa Besari
  • Lightweight by Demi Lovato
  • Choose Your Battles (Acoustic) by PRISM (Acoustic Sessions)
  • I Won't Give Up by Madilyn Bailey
  • 03 Unconditionally (Acoustic) by PRISM ACOUSTIC
  • Demi Lovato Nightingale (Lyrics Video) by Ambar Orrala
  • Lana Del Rey by Once Upon A Dream
10 tracks
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