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Fused Out Of Iron || A Dean Winchester Fanmix


A Dean Winchester Mix focusing on some older song (Rock? I don't know. I'm terrible at categorizing music. It's just GOOD music) with a couple of newer ones thrown in.

I'm iffy about the order it's in, I tried to go from happier ones to sadder ones (LIKE CANON DEAN. SOB.)

14 tracks
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Oh my goodness I'm so sorry, you made this comment like a month ago and when I first saw it I was at work on my phone and I thought 'I'll reply when I get home!' and here we are, so that obviously did not happen. I've seriously been thinking every time I get on 8tracks on my phone 'Damn I need to reply to that lovely comment' and I just never have gotten to it until today!

Anyway, AHHHHHHHHHHH thank you so much darling! I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for being the first person to comment on any of my playlists! It seriously means so much to me and I may or may not be hugging my computer screen right now.