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i just felt like following him: a vitri fanmix


"When I met Virus, it was at Toue's place. He was there before me. And when we first met, I just felt like following him."
a vitri fanmix that is basically just a (love) letter from trip to virus

(because trip's a frickin dork and we can't talk about it enough)
transparent virus and trip credit to boiskull (boiskull.tumblr.com/post/84242332225). otherwise made by me, as usual.

on tumblr here: morphigenetic.tumblr.com/post/86719346693

16 tracks
2 comments on i just felt like following him: a vitri fanmix

oh!!!!!!! my god!!!!!! their actions are grossly inexcusable but this mix really reminds u that they're thinking feeling humans who must've gone through some really horrible things at toues and how utterly interwoven they are as two indiviuals so dependent and i hhhhhhhh h h

yup, vitri is definitely just two shitty asshole trashbags! tbh, the only reason i really like them is /because/ of their cute-ass backstory and relationship like i want to keep them away from everybody else bc they're such terrible people but i ALSO want them to GET MARRIED (in a room alone). also u pretty much summarized all my feelings about them in the last part this ship is just ahdufhfsauidfh

also, sorry it took me so long to reply! i saw this when you first commented but i totally forgot about it afterward. and thanks for commenting at all :) have a great day!

omg thank you so much!!! my ultimate goal in making shippy playlists is making someone somewhere cry/smile/laugh/asuahkdusdh and it's so great of you to leave a comment wow <33 plus 8tracks is severely lacking in playlists about how cheesy and dumb (and cute!!) their goddamn relationship is haha