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Dickster in Psytrance

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Epic psytrance tunes from Dickster (aka Dick Trevor). Pioneer of the UK Goa & Psytrance scene.

  • the shrubbery (Nights of nii) by dickster vs tron
  • Scarabian Nights [sample] by Dickster, Burn in Noise & Logica
  • Logickster by Logica And Dickster
  • Crystal Clear (Dickster Remix) (Sample) by Symbolic
  • A few Spoonfulls by Dickster vs Tron
  • Dizzy Drops by Dick Trevor
  • Zuffle Shuffle by Dickster
  • Dizzy Drops (Future Frequency Remix by Dickster
  • Logickster by Dickster & logica
  • Space Tribe & Dickster by Real Simulation
10 tracks