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Mad Men Spy Lounge


I couldn't resist this when I heard two songs from my favorite movie series played in one of my favorite TV series—the season finale of AMC's "Mad Men". I've included the two tunes plus seven other "spy" tracks (six if you don't count Austin Powers) that were produced during the period "Mad Men" is set. Most are at home in the smoke-filled nightclubs typical secret agents or advertising execs frequented in the 1960s.

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Great selection of "60's Spy Songs". The Soul Bossa Nova was the theme music to a Toronto-based game show in the 70's called "Definition". By using it in Austin Powers, it was Mike Myers homage to the Toronto/Canadian television scene, back in the good ole days when we had just 3-4 TV stations to choose from.

Oops...anyway wanted to thank you for the props, it's really appreciated. You were right with the correction, I was really referring to "Soul Bossa Nova". Eventhough it was released in 1962, I put my "Austin Powers" comment thinking most people would associate with that movie before they would with the 1960s. Come to think of it, Woody Allen fans have a claim to that song too. Anyway, I will definitely check out your playlists!!

A great mix,
might I blatantly suggest my own mixes - "Spys, Cops and Spacemen" and the imaginatively titled sequel "(more) Spys, Cops and Spacemen"
and by the way "Secret Agent Man" is very much of the period, it was used for the US broadcast of "Danger Man", renamed "Secret Agent" for american audiences This was of course, some argue, the precursor to the sublime "The Prisoner"
Be seeing you.