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People who make music or non-music, noise or audio art, outsider, DIY, whatever... Independent artists who release their work for free on the web.

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This kind of music loses something without a graphic illustration of the concept behind it; in some ways similar to aboriginal artwork and dance. the one is unbalanced without the other. It reminded me a little of Camel or Gong. "Keep bangin' the rocks together, guys."

I get these kind of comments occasionally, like the Floggboops comment above. They sometimes begin with the lie 'no offence to you' and then continue into being as offensive as they can.
I get these kind of comments usually on YouTube alongside of more complimentary words from others. All I can say about these slurs is that my background and education is in visual and aural art and I continue to make challenging, paradigm subverting experimental work in visual form and in sound art, which crosses over to some extent with music. I often get very positive feedback from internet people regarding my sound art, even where I'm pushing at the edges of the envelope of what is, or is not, music. For anyone who is seriously offended there is a button which allows you to skip to the next track. For anyone who is interested in experimental art, there is a link to my blog.

No offense to you. you seem like a cool guy. I just don't know why you think people want to hear that thing you made "Steep hillsides and Rough Terrain 3"... it was god awful... and you are not an artist. you are a joke