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Road Trip Adventures


The perfect mix for going on an adventure - when you have that feeling of excitement in the pit of your stomach like something wonderful is going to happen.

Picture taken while on a camping trip --somewhere in Vermont.

17 tracks
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Beirut, Arcade Fire, and The Shins? We need to road trip it together already! Those bands are exactly the ones that come to mind when I think of adventure and beauty in this world. Great mix. :)

I would say that sounds splendid! We could do a few days of hiking and backcountry camping :) Maybe even go on a rafting trip!

That sounds perfect! :) This could turn out to be a pretty spectacular summer. Is there some way we could connect outside of 8tracks?

I don't have it yet, and I need to update my iphone software before I can get any more apps (haven't done it yet because I have too much music and no space haha). Also, my laptop is getting fixed right now, but I'll try to add it when I get the laptop back.