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"jinyoung is out there somewhere. and jaebum will keep his promise.
wherever jinyoung goes, jaebum will find him and bring him home."

a mix based on the wonderful fanfiction written by reddaylight. read it here! http://got2015.livejournal.com/6825.html

13 tracks
2 comments on hypersystem;

I just want you to know that I discovered and read Hypersystem because of this playlist and that fic tore my heart out. It was the first fic to make me bawl my eyes out and cry. I think this playlist goes so well with the fic too! It gives me a bit of interstellar feels and I love 'Neptune' by Sleeping at Last and now am listening to the full album because you included 'Saturn' in this playlist.

@ixxy aw it makes me so happy to know that! this comment seriously warmed my heart. And I agree this fic was such a rollercoaster of feelings! I'm glad you liked my playlist! Saturn is my favorite song ever and I felt like it was perfect for this fic, the full album is really good too! Thanks again i really appreciate that.