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One By One

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Find no love in flesh, but only weapons.

A sad mix about sad kids who can't seem to stop dying

  • Mirah Special Death by Ashtonpowell
    And it's a special death they save/For me, the brown eyed daughter
  • 05 One By One by euciid
    Its exactly this that drives us to be mad/We're not quite sure what we've had/You won't want to miss this part/We'll slip into our hunting hats and wait
  • Wasteland by Years
    This time you've tried/All that you can/Turning you red
  • Combat Baby by Metric
  • The Stupid, The Proud by IAMX
    Queer is the universe/ Habit in liberty, destructive in time/Hunt down your future/And everything you know is not enough to survive
  • Hide And Seek by Christina Grimmie
    Hide and seek/Trains and sewing machines/All those years/They were here first
  • 06 all the dead kids by stuck in past
    I can't tell you why/Your children are dying/But I can offer you my sympathy
  • The Spine Song by Cake Bake Betty
    And when I have died/Will you use my spine/To swing from tree to tree in search of places pleasing to the eye
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