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sounds of ancient greece


(mostly) historically accurate music from ancient greece.

i had a hard time finding titles and artists for most of these, so please forgive me if you can't find the song by name online. most of them were audio clips found by searching google for ancient greek music, and weren't titled. click on the links in the songs to go to the website i got each song from.

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Hi! I believe the first one that is titled 'what ancient greek music sounded like' by David Creese is the Seikilos Epitaph, which is the oldest surviving example of a complete musical composition that musicologists know!

Most of the song links don't pop up for me tbh, is there any way you could direct me? (Alternatively you can put them in the desc?)

@SolarPlumes yeah, i'll see what i can do! it'll take a while to find all the links again though, the places i found them were pretty obscure. i'll update the description with links soon.