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Bond & Bond-esque

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thanks for your thoughtful comment, hhongkongevvil :). well as long as it's a guilty one, that's ok, heh. lord knows i have my share of those.
i did hear the sheryl crow one again recently and it wasn't as bad as i remembered. i really didn't like the jack white/alicia keys one though.

Really appreciated the selections and your not just making a list out of existing theme songs. I actually like the Madonna theme; its a guilty pleasure :/ Kudos on a-Ha and Lulu though, those are two of my favorites and are very underrated, so at least we're on the same wavelength there :) Been meaning to make my own Bond list for some time now, and it should be up in just a bit. Cheers (:

Thanks for your comment on my bond-mix. Yours is great, too! Love the Petula Clark song. We already did similar mixes back in october... :)

i actually really like the sheryl crow one which is very odd indeed. it is a swayer! Liking the mix! why do they pick scheisse like madonna when there is goldfrapp and before that portishead philistines!!!

Do you mean Duran Duran's 'A View To A Kill'? I must admit I like that one, but then I have a childhood soft spot for Duran Duran. I also like the A-ha one. ;) But yeah, I find Madonna's the worst of all the themes. I'm also no fan of Sheryl Crow's contribution, especially given the excellent songs in contention that year (two of which are in this mix).
Thanks for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the mix. :)

Hey now. Where are hit anthems like Ah Ha's "Dance into the Fire"? Or Madonna's "Die Another Day"? Jeez.

Actually, I was skeptical at first, but I really like this mix. When I got to "Sour Times", I was just thinking that "Glory Box" or something like it should be in there... maybe something like Massive Attack's "Dissolved Girl". So well played, indeed. Great work.