Spilt Ink
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"Women who Kill"


A playlist of music for Isobel Sheeran and I's most recent collaboration, a short film on three girls with a bone to pick with one nasty guy.

Super heroes, agents, protectors of justice - call them what you like, they're not into labels.

All they're into, is seeing bad blood being spilt and surviving. Just you wait until you see them..

I made this playlist to get the tone we're going for, I hope this helps Izzy!

  • Summertime Sadness - Cedric Gervais Remix by Lana Del Rey
  • Bad Blood (Remix) by Masen Lee
  • Full Guitar Cover w/ Solo by 'AMEN' by Halestorm *NEW SONG 2015*
  • I Caught Myself by Paramore
  • crushcrushfaint by Linkin Park & Paramore
  • Todd McKenney by Terry Pedestrian & The Crossing
  • Grand Piano (the pinkprint) by Nicki Minaj
  • Human Remix (1Way TKT) by Christina Perri
  • I'm Alive by Black Butler
9 tracks
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