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Boogie-Woogie Jolly Green


You feel dizzy somehow with the last drink she offered you, much more different than drunkennes, you feel something is odd. You want to go to toilet but the woman clings to your arms but you ward them off. She slipped you a mickey. You gotta get ouf of there, find an exit and run away. You run away from the back door. You hear them chasing. You gotta throw them off your scent, find a place for cover and slump. You find a sewer entrance and open. Too late, you pass out as you open and fall down.

8 tracks
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Horny Jazz put me off as a first song, but Tank! recaptured my attention. Overall a good playlist for the story, but start a little earlier so your playlist rounds out better.

You are right but I wanted to make that first song to awake the feeling of dizziness in the beginning since the story begins and concludes that way. But of course I don't want to turn the listener off from the first song, I rearranged according to your consideration. Thank you :)