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Gold Tailed Silver Headed Dragon


An ontological journey through the eyes of our Final Fantasy IX heroes.

All of the songs are remixed by musicians that I've found on internet. Since the genre will change through the mix, I advise you to bring both t-shirt and a short & coat and a velvet pants along with you.

13 tracks
2 comments on Gold Tailed Silver Headed Dragon

eternal darkness sounds awesome, and omg that medley gave me the chills, especially because i love Passing Sorrow (The main song used)

@AliceRU I love those people who gave their hearts to make these remixes just for a game (just for a game is a really lousy explanation but I am talking in a popular way). They are really sentimental about these remixes.

@AliceRU Especially Freya's Theme (although the song totally kills the mood of that atmosphere, it created a different one, and that Last boss fight music is pretty folky)