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Lone Travelling Immortal Historian Girl


Once a valkyrie in the realm of gods,
Failed her master onto death.
Enchanted into a helmet to protect mortals,
Fell in love with a mad barbarian king.
Been casted away to earth as a mortal princess,
Disgraced the whole kingdom with adultery.
Been cursed into an immortal life with beauty,
Dwelled till eternity, a whole universe in her dreams.

10 tracks
3 comments on Lone Travelling Immortal Historian Girl

@spinkicked I must relay to you my deepest apologies for my absent replies. But lend me your ears and eyes for just a moment to convey to you my invitation of further communication. I am journeying to your pin point of geographical residence, the city of Istanbul. And therefore, we must meet eyes and ears for an epic dance and DJ exchange. What do you say? Are you up for this kind of meeting?

@arosenshi The compensation of your absence is vast enough to eclipse and deafen any apologies that will be exerted; let none shall be told. My eyes and ears and other senses that I am even unaware of are all yours to perceive. I am solely convinced to this invitation. When this occurance will be taken? We must talk in details and therefore contact in a better way. I have left a message for you, under the statue of faceless god. Although you will receive in the "others" place. Don't miss it.

@Spinkicked I claim the role of this disgraced beauty. Afraid of returning to my home duty. So I carry onward and upward and maybe even sideward. Most of the time its stupendous, but sometimes i get bored. Luckily, I found your list of tunes to ease the pain. And its really to my gain. I'm directed towards the pivot place where two continents divide, where you apparently reside. A land that belongs to thousands of years of foot traffic, I want to create reality from my mental holographic. I'm a dance partner of the symbol of infinity. And I want to dance in your vicinity.

@arosenshi Then enchant my instrument with your poetic essence, and let this inherently absent tune gain an opulence. Have my story of this disgraced beauty improvised with your ethereal sincerity. After we fashion candles from the stars we steal, invite me to your last dance of infinity under the lamented peal. Let us cast our shadows aside as a decoy, unconscious, then slip away from the judging hypocrite gracious. While the gods both beneath and above watch our silhouettes' condemned transposing dance, with the infinite lullaby of yet to fermented grapes, we shall have our long absent never forgotten romance.

@Spinkicked While you flow with the words that spring from your fingertips, I remain with the language of an eclipse that swings my hips. If you want to see what I mean, check out this scene... http://curban6553.wix.com/spinkicked-flowguru

@arosenshi Whirlpool of your momentum allures my memory. My hands defy me to make my tune elusory, Then untold melodies set free to disrupt my story. And now, you dance away this delusional auditory. Yet, I fall sorely addicted to your language of eclipse in misery.