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Rusty Voice Of A Slug Tenor

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@mayarguigui Indeed, Indeed. Really dark atmosphere makes you feel like you are in a really abstract dream - more like a nightmare actually - sequence. You should really try Hugo Kant. You will love it; I am fucking sure. The Elkcloner is more funky in a fable way. The Elkcloner has a song called Annabel Lee after Edgar Allan Poe's poem. It is my favourite song of all time. I loved the poem, but no illustration nor a movie can make a better vision than the one that music made in my mind. The composition that the dj had made with that poem is 1000 times better than the total amount of orgasms that had been felt in an orgy during the demolish of Berlin Wall.

@mayarguigui I like Glen Porter a lot as well. I used to like him more until I realized that the way he uses his drum samples make a little bit uncomfortable on my ears. Although his composition and the atmosphere that he tries to empose on his every song is perfect combined with the title of the song. Thank you for your advice :) "She cries" was one of my favourite of him along with The Devil Is A Dancer and Hands Without Eyes.

@mayarguigui First two that I would recommend without even thinking: "The Elkcloner" - which sadly he has only one album - and the other is "Hugo Kant". Shaolin Afronauts, Skeewiff, Odjbox, Gramatik, Aphrodesia (both, funky & swingy). Just one week ago, I have made a compliation of my favourite tracks: http://8tracks.com/spinkicked/spinkicked-s-repelsteeltje#smart_id These composers will make you happy and groovy. If you want some dope, abstract hip hop that will darken your world go from this way http://8tracks.com/spinkicked/dead-men-tell-no-tale-of-the-living#smart_id