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Silhouette Of The Dancing Dragon


Once upon a time there used to live a powerful painter goddess. She painted monstrous creatures behind clouds, where mortals could only see their silhouettes' passing through, and see them diminishing slowly under the rain. For once, one of these creatures sets free. It tries to pass through a desert, away from the clouds, so that it lives on. Meanwhile in an oasis, a band chants to the gods so that it shall rain. At the same time, a boy tells a tragic story directed to gods. On a non cloudy, blind night, cry the gods on the silhouette of the dancing dragon.

Photography by Katerina Lornosonov

14 tracks
3 comments on Silhouette Of The Dancing Dragon

But what if you, as their captor, find their voices too beautiful, would you keep them enslaved to fancy your own desires and passions or would you let them go once their song has been sung?

@nikolachka Even if I want to keep them captive to my liking, they would find a way to redeem themselves no matter what the circumstances are. Music will always find its way out. Maybe they will revolt and evolve into a different genre during the breakout. But as an antogonist, one should act without thinking the consequences yet he will not stay victorious.

@nikolachka Mostly, from stealing people's souls and then locking them in my musicbox. Eventhough I steal their souls, I let them play in there, so they can sing.

@Spinkicked That's awfully kind of you, you're like Cruella from the Little Mermaid. Once you let them all free, the world will have its harmony back

@nikolachka Without the disruption in the harmony, there won't be the whole color scale in it. Once all is sung, they will be freed anyway. Remember how Melkor disrupted the song during the creation of Arda in Silmarillion. There should always be a disruption :)