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Unreaching Melody Of Diminishing Stars


The mechanism of stars had been working odd lately. One gear had skipped the logarithmic motion and led harmony into disruption. The accustomed melody of Starlings had turned into an unusual and disturbing, composite noise. A deaf girl is tasked with an investigation for suspected broken down stars. There she is confronted with the images of chaos that had never been seen before. She embraces them.

Photography by Anja Matko

11 tracks
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I was reading the comments, and 'm curious, in what other language do you write in? because i'm a fan of your descrptions as well and i'd like to read more of your wrok!

@maaaaaaaaaaaaariam Well hello there. I generally write in my native language actually (which is Turkish) but I write small stories that I think to fit in these playlists that catch the mood or one might say "give the mood". Thank you for your kind words by the way.

Wow, I never comment on playlists but I really like the description a lot. If you are a writer please PM me a website or something. If you're not you seriously should be.

@Commwarrior Oooh, a fan mail :) Thank you for your kind words first of all. Well, I guess I couldn't call myself a writer depending on the definition of "writer" that is acknowledged by the majority. I haven't earned a single penny out of it; but if you ask that if I write stories: Yes, I occasionally do. Most of the stories that I have written were; either things that I have experienced in a humbly self-criticized way or fablewise stories that I've thought fit to people's personalities with a mixture of three spoons of exaggeration, five drops of alcoholic dark comedy and a long time - first fermented - then distilled epic tale writing stlye. Two unfortunate things occur according to your demand: I hold no website in account of my name where I keep the stories nor any English language stories written except one! I can send you that one, although must I warn you that eventhough the idea, the very fantasy world is really to my liking, the way how I have pictured it was pretty poor: that I am ashamed. Was it the writing that had triggered you and reflected a story in your imagination or the picture or - of course - the songs? Because; about this mix and some other mixes that I have written a description of; the pictures and the compositions of the songs describe the tale even without the description. Last but not least, the very first six or seven mixes that I have started to 8tracks with were with a description that had a story going on one after another, trying to reflect the mood and the atmosphere of the genre that I tried to create in musical sense. You might want to check those actually. (Yeah, and I was the smartass to mock about the fan mail to begin with).

@Spinkicked Actually I liked the picture a lot... But the title of the mix stuck a cord with me in a pretty strong way... I looked at the description to see if there was anything about it and immediately took a liking to your writing.

@Commwarrior Yeah I have accidently canceled that beta thing and I cannot undo it now. Could you actually download the picture of this artist or what? My luck that I could write a story that fit the picture. 500 characters of description doesn't let you write much though. You just have to imagine the rest of the story with the music after reading it.