Spiritual Hippie
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From Woodstock to Tupac


This playlist is a variety of different dub-step, electronic, upbeat, body moving remixes of well known songs by well known artists. Also a perfect playlist for the hula hoopers out there trying to get a good flow going

  • Jamaica (EDM Remix) by Van She
  • More Bottles (EDM Remix) by DJ Creativity
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Woodstock (Pynner Remix) by Pynner
  • Woodstock (DJ Caviar Holy Ground Remix) by dj caviar
  • Animals (Jay D Savano's Woodstock Remix) by Jay D Savano
  • California Love (Tupac Dubstep) by DJ EmP4
  • Runnin' Notorious B.IG. Ft. Tupac (Dubstep Remix) By Lluis Martinez by LluisMartinez
  • 'Dubstep Remix' by Tupac feat Eminem
  • Beck Frankenstein Edit) by NWA UNDERGROUND (T
  • Lana Del Ray REMIX (prod by Chase Moore) by The Great Gatsby
10 tracks
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