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Playlist for EPHEMERIS: Clio Xantho

  • Main Menu Theme by The Last Of Us
  • Atlantis Rising by The Ocean Floor
  • Aletheia's Last Vision by Tyler Bates
  • Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep by Alder Games
  • Message For The Queen [ Lucky Wild Soft DNB remix] by Dj Lucky Wild
  • On stranger tides (Crucial Remix) by Hans Zimmer
  • Tyler Bates, Terry Reid, Rob Zombie - Tiny And His Girl Police - The Devil's Rejects by Score Revolution
  • Quake Main Theme (Zardonic Remix) [2005] by Trent Reznor
  • Fury Road Trailer Music EXTENDED (HD) by Mad Max
  • Soundtrack by Gravity
  • PREDOMINANCE Trans Atlantis (excerpt) by loki-found
  • Ten Cars Twenty-Five Pigs by Tyler Bates, Terry Reid, Rob Zombie
12 tracks
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