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Task Force


UK Hip Hop Task Force, Louis Slipperz, Braintax...Deep Lyric, Thought Provoking... Chill...
Apocolyptic, B Boy, 8 Tracks of UK Hip Hop Pioneers... 30 min.

8 tracks
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I have been following Task Force and UK Hip Hop culture since 2000, the first track respectively being from Mark B presents Task Force, I Wish. Later discovering the depth of a rich & thriving underground hip hop culture i felt connected to from thousands of miles away across the sea on another continent. From Braintax to Phi Life Cypher, Lewis Parker, Rodney P, Jehst, Foreign Beggars, Mystro, Louis Slipperz, Evil Ed, Yungun, Ramson Badbones, Verb T, Krate Krusaders. Dj Craze did a UK Hip Hop knowledge mix that started it all for me. Much props to these talented artists. This lot do it for the love. Feel that. Respect.