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Ace Note PlayList


For a Comic I plan to start u v u

Also Rudy here belongs to my friend BeedrillGod on Instagram

  • wasted wonderland by myuu
  • Natural Philosophy (from the album 'A Floating Life') by 安第一 An Di Yi
  • Old Doll Remix by Neku ネク
  • Dark Carnival by MichaelTushaus
  • Wasted Wonderland (Piano Version) by myuu
  • Mad Father by Madness
  • Mary's Theme (Creepy Carnival Versión) by sMiLeMiCkE
  • 『 Mad Father 』Ending Theme Remix by Neku ネク
  • No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments by No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments
  • The Dark Ride By Prelude To A Nightmare (Dark Carnival Music) by Geeknificent
10 tracks
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