Is this playlist safe for work?

is it desire ?

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@Ezura-kun hi!! thank you so so much, this is one of the nicest playlist comment ive ever gotten omg ;;;; also, when I have i chance I'll be sure to correct the fob album, thank you! you aren't bothering me at all

@spontaneousHuman Oh my gosh, of course! You also happened to introduce me to two of my new favorite songs (Momentum and Love in the Middle of a Firefight), so thank you for that. :)

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that this is my absolute favorite Yullen playlist. A+. Spot-on. (I did, however, also want to tell you that "Just One Yesterday" is by Fall Out Boy and is on the album Save Rock and Roll. Sorry if I'm bothering you, just for the sake of accuracy I thought I should tell you.)