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*Drive*: Spoonhead's unofficial soundtrack


(9) a full electronic re-imagine, re-score to the film, 'Drive'.

with music by Popnoname, Dye, Blu Mar Ten

props to Michael Mann's 'Thief' (score by Tangerine Dream) which helped inspire 'Drive', as well as this mix.

8 tracks
8 comments on *Drive*: Spoonhead's unofficial soundtrack

yay for tangerine dream! damn, i was just about to make a mix inspired by them,... i was listening to kyoto right before i put this on!

oooh, a fellow tangerine dream fan as well.....i had most of their albums including kyoto as a teenager - only ones that stayed with me are phaedra, alpha centurai - the real 'out there' ones.....and TD was my first concert - back on the Atari tour....thanks for the listen, and look forward to your TD-inspired mix.

oi, admittedly i am not a true, hardcore fan. i only recently actually acquired anything by them although i've known about them for years. kyoto i recently got and it's blowing my mind. and this mix totally takes the cake, i'd be embarrassed to try to make a mix with the same intent. the tracks on here are really great. i think i'm moving from a TD-inspired mix to something with TD included in it... whatever it turns out to be, hope ppl like it. i make weird mixes sometimes i think