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somewhere in the night


shadows on street corners, mist and smoke along sidewalks that never end....somewhere in the night, she's waiting for you.

nine jazz tracks to accompany you as you sit alone at a bar, order another drink and fill up an ashtray, figuring out what to do next.

With music by Sarah Vaughan, Bill Evans, Ennio Morricone & others.

9 tracks
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reminds me of long winter nights in my buddy's log cabin in canada. woodford reserve and his cigar and wine collection from around the world. awesome times indeed, this is beyond epic

Swirling a glass of bourbon on a worn bar in thought and in regret. Suspendered bartender looks on is pity, drys a highball glass.

Bartender shakes his head, and his smile turns sour as the man at the bar lowers his head and begins to fight back another bout of sorrowful, pathetic tears.

Still as the morning breaks the streets are empty like vacant fields. The fog never seems to unwrap its cold embrace. I walk called into the dense curtain as my smile withers away...

the metallic snap of a blade was followed by a mere glint of silver reflecting the street light above me. laughter from a bloodied, broken mouth came to me, and i knew it was time.