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Korean tracks from some drama OSTs I've been watching:

- Miss Korea
- The Heirs
- You who came from the stars

And more. <3

  • Moment by 이창민 [2AM]
  • My Destiny (OST. You Who Came from the Stars) by Lyn
  • Serendipity 2Young by heirs ost
  • Here For You (ost The Heirs album part 1) by Big Baby Driver
  • Every Single Day(I Hear Your Voice OST) by Echo(Acoustic Ver.)
  • 상속자들 OST Part 6: 또 운다 (Crying Again) by 문명진 (Moon Myung Jin)
  • Tears Like Today (Ost My Love From Another Star) by Huh Gak
  • 04. 돌아보지마 by theheirs
  • What We Used To Be Big Baby Driver by heirs ost
  • Like A Star by K.Will
  • 친구의 친구를 사랑했네 (I Loved My Friend's Friend) by [Monstar OST] Yoon Seolchan (Yong Junhyung)
  • 상속자들 OST Part 8: 마음으로만 (Only With My Heart)by 박정현 Lena Park Jung Hyun by Jominz Heirs OST
  • Hurt [Rooftop Prince OST Part 1] by Ali
  • Moonlight (Miss Korea OST) by Onew
  • Closer (To The Beautiful You) by Taeyeon
  • Hello (OST. You Who Came from the Stars) by Hyorin
  • 너의 목소리가 들려 OST Part 1 (I Hear Your Voice OST Part.1) by Every Single Day (에브리싱글데이)
  • After A Long Time (Baek Ji Young) by Rooftop Prince OST
  • 사람,사랑 (Person, Love) by [Monstar OST] Kim Nana (Dahee of GLAM) & Jung Sunwoo (Kang Haneul)
  • 성장통2 by 차가운 체리(Cold Cherry)
  • Love Is... (Acoustic ver.) by 박현규 [Bromance]
  • Sung Shi Kyung [My Love From The Star OST Part 8] by Every Moment With You
  • 두 사람 (Remake) by 박장현 [Bromance]
  • Hero by J by Min
24 tracks
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