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The Crow, The Lover


Zevran Arainai; ah, such a complicated man, yes? He wields his poisoned blades so skillfully, but his greatest weapons are his charms and talents within the bedroom... and do not deny that you wish to partake.

The playlist is divided into two segments: Antiva, and Ferelden.

11 tracks
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PART ONE: ANTIVA (Rinna and Taliesin)

1. "Always been a shoe made for the city/go ahead, accuse me of just singing about places/
with scrappy boys faces/have general run of the town"

2. "He makes love to the duke, he swordfights the queen/He steals the whole show in his last dying scene"

3. "I pick up my friends and we hope we won't die"

4. "I liked it best how/we took the whole world on, back to back"

5. "You can leave, and you could go out, search out/Harbor daze"


6. "And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate/Baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake"

7. "Tus ojos iluminaron mi existir" ("Your eyes brightened my existence")

8. "Don't you want to know how we keep starting fires?/It's my desire, It's my desire, It's my desire"

9. "And I don't want to be just anybody to you/I want to be your one and only mate for life" (Warden)

10. "You make me want to pick up a guitar/And celebrate the myriad ways that I love you" (Zevran)

11. "If I could take the fire out from the water
I'd take you where nobody knows you
And nobody gives a damn"