Is this playlist safe for work?

a song for each guy i dated


because i think about this a lot

the last two tracks just remind me of

but, i will be adding in the future

  • Astronaut (A Short History Of Nearly Nothing) [Feat. Zoe Keating] by Amanda Palmer
    he was listening to amanda palmer in bed in the morning
  • The Knife 'Marble House' (Rex The Dog remix) by Brille Records
    came up on a spotify playlist during
  • Clone by Metric
    his favorite song from an album we really connected over
  • The Lakes of Canada by The Innocence Mission
    was stuck in my head while we were fooling around
  • Tsietsi by karlamuffin
    wtf is karlamuffin? the band's name is The Middle East
  • Turn Away by Beck
    driving home drunk
  • Sufjan Stevens, "All Of Me Wants All Of You" by asthmatickitty
  • Boy From School (Hot Chip Cover) by Grizzly Bear
    filler track
  • 11 Hunger Song by themiddleeast
    filler track
9 tracks
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