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If Life Was a Movie.


I have a confession: when I listen to these songs, I picture myself in some sort of ending montage on my favourite television show or movie. I could definitely (and most definitely do) lie in bed with headphones and listen to this entire mix without moving. A lot of these songs came from movie or tv soundtracks, and some I just think would be perfect in a soundtrack of some sort.

Tracks including songs by Greg Laswell, Imogen Heap, and The Weepies.

Pop the popcorn and enjoy.

There is now a part 2 to this: http://8tracks.com/sprilly/if-life-was-a-movie-part-2

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52 tracks
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Six tracks in and I'm thinking like, girl you've got it. You have playlisted here some of my most very favourite songs and i'm like :o and looking forward to each song, wondering what'll come up next on the list. I feel like we are kindred spirits in music preference. and the opening track allowed me to feel again what it felt like to see Peyton Sawyer sit down by The Meadow and say, "Say hi to my Mom, Mom." Trust me, based on a personal life experience within the last several years since that episode first aired, that scene resonates with me now even more, now come to think of it again, while listening to World Spins Madly On here again. Thanks too for helping me to feel that feeling again, what I remember feeing, seeing that scene for the first time. While listening, i closed my eyes and I could feel it and remember the feeling for the first time in a while, and it was awesome. Thank you for putting together this playlist,
a new If Life Was A Movie fan, and Sprilly fan
Ontario, Canada (also! :) )

@dandelion_wine8 Thank you, some of the inspiration for it definitely came from One Tree Hill :) I'm happy to hear that you connected with the mix so well. I love hearing about how music moves people the same way that is moves me.

All the best!