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If Life Was A Movie {Part 2}


Press play and cue the emotional montage--goodbye hugs, walking home in a sunset, showing up at the door of someone you love, lying in bed staring at the ceiling, someone getting in a car crash somewhere--these all make for good tv and movies, and half of that is because of the music.

I made one of these playlists a few years ago and it became a favourite of mine, so here is another one with the same vibe.

Some of these songs have already been in soundtracks, but many are some of my favourites that I wish a tv show or movie would find, because they make you feel all the feels. Some slower tunes at the beginning that pick up for a triumphant and dramatic ending.

Again, pop the popcorn and enjoy.

Here is part one if you like: http://8tracks.com/sprilly/if-life-was-a-movie

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