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Kim Taehyung, 1959


❝An avalanche of sensations, image, feelings, tastes, smells, all at the same time appeared on your skin in the form of chill. It was almost like Jeon Jeongguk could be there again, almost as if nothing was ephemeral, as if it were eternal, and yet he was only twenty years; running barefoot along the beach with a bar of wet pants, the toes shriveled feet and hair against the gentle breeze from the beach in Santa Monica.
It was like living again.
But in another life.❞

{ The Memories Donor fanfiction

8 tracks
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Can you please send me the link to this fanfiction if the playlist sounds beautiful then that fanfiction has to be beautiful so please send that link my way I need to read it

This might be a bit late but I adore this mix! ^ ^ I wanted to ask if you could give me the link to the fic? I tried to find it but with no luck...