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Rock out with your cello out

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Mostly instrumental pump up songs. All these have amaze instrumental parts&that's why they're a part of this collection.

Five tracks including music by Lindsey Stirling, Two Steps from Hell, and Instrumental Core.

  • The Angels Among Demons by Nightstep
  • Journey through the victory [Download in description] by Instrumental Core
  • Red Like Roses Part II (feat. Casey Williams) by Jeff Williams
  • Dragonborn by Nightstep
  • Shadows by Lindsey Stirling
  • Taking Time by Janet Marlow
  • [FreeDL]【KILL la KILL】Before My Body Is Dry (Drum & Bass Remix) by tomatomerde
  • Archangel by Two Steps From Hell
  • //Bonus Track\\ Can’t Seem To Find You Now (orchestral version) featuring Rachel Sermanni by David J. Roch
  • Sleepwalking Instrumental Mix by Anthony Flakus
10 tracks
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