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Who remembers Jeffree Star

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Yep, well it is what it is..

  • Jefree Star Legs Up by Dhillon E Ross
  • Lollipop Luxury (feat. Nicki Minaj) by Jeffree Star
  • Im in love(with a killer) Jefree Star by Sam Harmon 2
  • Get Away With Murder by Jeffree Star
  • I Dare You by JeffreeDivas
  • Best Night Ever by Jefree Star
  • Virginity by JeffreeDivas
  • Purr Like A Cat by T. Mills (feat. Jeffree Star)
  • 05 Your Heart Is My Piñata by JeffreeStarPL
  • 04 - Beauty Killer (Mr Mark Rmx 2012) by JeffreeStarPL
  • Gone (Feat. Joe Black) by Mr. JeFree
11 tracks
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