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Rockin' Up My Chem Homework


A little blast-from-the-past, all rock, and they all start my fingers and toes tapping. Whatever you got to "rock up"--be it the suburbs (Ben Folds), a thousand-mile walk (The Proclaimers), or chem homework at 3 AM, which I am avoiding right now... I hope this does the trick!

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Thanks everybody! musicalduck--I really don't like Chem either! That's why I made it. Got any suggestions for more songs? And thanks, Parvenu! This site is pretty awesome--although I wish they still had the network library of uploaded songs. Now I have to use all my own...

I pretty much just made an account to tell you how much this mix is keeping me up to get my homework done. Thank you so much!

I'm using your mix for its intended purpose and doing chem homework... I really don't like chem but your music is getting me through! Thanks!

I know exactly what you mean about hw--and even if I can somehow manage to get through what I'm up against tonight, I'll always have more to wade through tomorrow! But I'm glad everybody liked it. I need something upbeat for homework, so I posted this! Got any suggestions to add?

I don't know if I got my homework done... although that's my fault... but this was a rockin' mix and the people in my common room were jammin'