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The Beauty that lies in Sadness


Sad songs that will make you cry, smile, and appreciative your life altogether. A tribute to an inspirational human soul - Zach Sobiech, R.I.P.

Watch his story here:


19 tracks
7 comments on The Beauty that lies in Sadness

zach is actually a friend of mine, and he is incredible. I had chemo with him sometimes. even when things werent looking so good, his smile would brighten any bad news. any bad day. any sickness. he lit up any situation. i miss him every day.

Only reason why I clicked on this playlist was because of the photo of Zach. I heard about his story, watched the documentary about him, and found myself crying. After that I had his song "fix me up" stuck in my head for days. He was an amazing artist.

Anyhow thank you for making a playlist for him. I'm favoriting this for sure.

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