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braver than anyone else

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Hey @squeegees, I ended up not having time to participate in the Armin week this week. I still really admire these song choices, and Lifeforms is one of my favorite songs now. I've been inspired by these songs and I hope to some day make and post some art projects over Armin. If you're interested, the Armin week is called "Armin Tribute Week" and it's ran by the blog on tumblr, @arminarlerttribute. There's some very interesting things posted so far by other users.

Look. I'm not okay. This chapter fucked me up, I sobbed hysterically for hours, I mean, when I say *crying* I don't usually mean it, but God...I'm still crying.

@squeegees I've been reading some theories, and Armin might be dead, but not "all the way dead" (have you seen the movie "The Princess Bride"?) Armin is okay. Hes gonna be fine. Until then I draw fanart.

@squeegees Awesome!! Thanks so much!!! (And yeah, I just read the chapter and I'm extremely conflicted to believe if he's already dead or if he's still alive and has a smidge chance of survival, but only if Levi gives him the serum. But I really can't imagine Armin being a Titan and a shifter.)

Hello! I really love this playlist. I'm so upset with what happened with Armin, man. These song choices are fantastic. There's an Armin Tribute week later this month (coincidentally planned months ago) on tumblr, and I was wondering if I could include this playlist with what I plan on doing. I would use lyrics of a song for every day. Would this be fine with you? I'll credit you and attach the link! My tumblr is @pride-hope-rage.

@jaeger053 oh dude rad i didn't even know abt that! i'm def fine with u using it and i can't wait to see what u make!!!!! (and same, im lowkey in denial abt armin but i mean who isNT LMAO,,)