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L(ike?) L(ove?)

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i think i put this together like a progression of the relationship orrrr that may have been an accident either way it happened

these losers are my babies
be good to them

  • Nicest Thing by sarah-kilfoyle
  • Boats Birds by DBREEZIE
  • Look After You by The Fray
  • Dance Anthem of the 80s by Regina Spektor
  • I Want To Know Your Plans by GregAlmeida
  • I Would Do Anything for You by Foster the People
  • I Love You 5 by Never Shout Never
  • 두 번째 고백 (Second Confession) (Full Audio) by BTOB (비투비)
  • Stuck like glue (Giove DeeJay downbeat remix) by Sugarland
9 tracks