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Hetalia Character Songs

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A bundle of Hetalia character theme songs that I love, including music by Dream Journey, Germany's Anthem, and Hetalia.

  • APH Japan Character song (CV:Hiroki Takahashi) by Dream Journey
  • Winter Ivan Braginski hetalia russia by Wrath7734
  • Einsamkeit (Germany) by Hetalia
  • Hello☆China by Hetalia
  • Light the Fireplace of the Heart by Yasuhiro Takato
  • Winter by Yasuhiro Takato
  • Paris is indeed splendid (France) by Hetalia
  • The Delicious☆Tomato Song by aph.italy
  • Pub & Go by APH England
  • Rippa Yappa Pari♪ by Masaya Onosoka
  • Austria Piano by Marukaite Chikyuu Hetalia
  • Excuse Me, I'm Sorry by OpalKirkland
  • I Am German Made by Germany's Anthem
  • England Character Song by Absolutely invincible british gentleman
  • Let's Boil Hot Water ~Veneciano~ by Ore'sama Beilschmidt
15 tracks