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i'm a walking travesty

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i REALLY love this mix, because i REALLY love the genres here and you don't find a lot of stiles mixes along this topic with these genres. most are more acoustic indie, indie folk, or occasionally some alternative rock. which i LOVE those genres too but i really enjoy these genres a lot and it's just a nice refreshing break to hear a totally different type of music on a similar subject... like there are pre-nogitsune stiles mixes with these genres, but very few post-nogitsune or nogitsune!stiles, which anything involving that arc are some of my favourites. :)

i'm not sure i'm making much sense here, my ADHD is particularly bad right now, just i wish there were more stiles mixes like this one, addressing the same subjects, but with this kind of music... i really enjoyed every song on here and like i said, very refreshing to hear something different and unique.

also, omg, i just saw you have also made a spencer reid mix?! i used to be OBSESSED with criminal minds. i still love it a LOT, just not obsessed/involved in the fandom/etc. like i was. he was my absolute favourite, and one of my favourite characters of all time. i'm going to check that one out later, definitely :)

this is also my second time listening to this mix haha.

(i also have to say i first listened to this when i was going through a really bad depressive episode, which i'm still recovering from but it was especially severe then. a lot of these songs rang so true with me, but the "forever my father" song made me cry for about 10 minutes straight because it describes how my father and i are now, he hates being around me, we don't get long, but we used to be so close and i miss him a lot. i'm so glad you included it because it was the first song that i could relate the matter to at all... a great discovery. my other favourite was "therapy" by all time low, which i'm not sure why i haven't listened to more of them yet.)