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Shredding the Pow!


This is what helps me get in that awesome mood when I'm boardin.

*Updated on 8/18/11 with two songs*

BTW If you wanna check our team out...maybe watch some of our videos that would be pretty is our facebook page vvvv

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Oh wow just saw this. It never lets me know when I get comments anymore! haha Who's your favorite? Matthews all the way right here! Also if you don't mind what part of this glorious state are you from?!

Haha, no worries. Well obviously I'm a Clay Matthews fan, just by his hair alone. But I also really like Donald Driver. I finally got to tour Lambeau this spring and it was fucking sweet. Except...I'm not from WI. I'm from the UP haha

Oh god a Yooper. Last time I was up there I was at Sault St. Maire. Nice little town I guess. Anyways If you ever come down to Appleton and go to the Fox River Mall, come to Hollister and say hi!