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Electric Feel


125 indie/alternative/electronic songs that have a lot of synths in them. Starting, of course, with Electric Feel by MGMT. Enjoy!

If you're interested, I'd appreciate your support of my own music here:

I've heard a lot of this music over time from sites like theindierockplaylist and dansindiemix, so check them out too.

Part 2 can be found here:

119 tracks
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Good question! I've been meaning to put one together for awhile now, so hopefully within a week! I was thinking of just making it basically my recommendations from songs so far from 2013. Thoughts?

How much good music came out this year? It'll be hard to top Electric Feel pt. 1 & 2..Maybe the new MGMT album will help you start a Pt. 3??

Hah I mean a lot of good music in my opinion! There are a lot of upbeat songs I could put, the new MGMT album is an idea, but I've got a lot of options I think!