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Cookies and Music


Cookies and Music time.
Wanted to do something little different. How about some little old vocal trance songs.
Last track is the one i heard during my early days listening to trance. Hope you like it.

Enjoy :)

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I liked "Eagles" by Sander van Doorn & Adrian Lux. You seem to have great taste in music. I'd like to get your opinion on some music matters If I could e-mail you. You can contact me at Thanks for the info.

Thanks for suggesting the BT song "Dreaming". It is a good song but I didn't care for the background clock noises on that version among other things. I did find the "Libra mix" much better. It is a faster paced club type version. Any other good songs you know of, feel free to list them. I'm always looking for new or old vocal trance songs I may not have heard before.

I have got tons to share but i'm too busy with school work. Here's one with bit of soft vocals Sander van Doorn & Adrian Lux - Eagles (Album Version)

Another great trance mix! I especially liked the song "This heart is yours(Philippe elsisi radio edit) by Neev Kennedy with Adrian & Raz. Too many other good songs to list, but most were very good. Keep up the good work!