What is there to really say bout me, I'm a boring person living in a boring town, that is located in a boring state. I would love to move to Texas one day, but for now I'd be happy to get a job. I like to write, read, draw, ad play video games. I play World of Warcraft, not as much as other people i know. I also play S4 League, FlyFF, and Wolf Team. Final Fantasy is the best thing ever invented and Kingdom Hearts follows after that. Of course, Star Ocean is great too. I love music and will listen to just about anything, except most rap and country songs. Most my music falls between rock and heavy metal. And i guess to last thing bout me is, as my friends would say, I'm a emo/skater/gamer, sounds pretty right ^-^ , they just left out the nerd part -__-. And Albert Einstein is great :D

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